Monday, December 12, 2011


Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

It has been far too long since my last post. So much has been happening at our end. So much I can't share until next week. But our lives are full and we are adjusting to the unexpected of each day. 

Christmas is on its way and we are finishing up with the last minute tasks we have on our list. I wrapped presents this weekend, when the cats would leave the ribbon alone, and it was so much fun to see each one so festive and shiny (the gifts, not the cats)! While Mr. N. was out of town, I pulled out our antenna and caught Frosty the Snowman on tv. Oh, how I still love those Christmas cartoons being shown on network television. Now, if only I can catch A Charlie Brown Christmas! The tree has been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving, our new mantle is finished and is absolutely incredible (I need to post pictures, I know). I also finished painting the fireplace! Our little house is coming together. One thing that's different this year is that we'll have family over at various times throughout the Christmas week, so I'm trying to put my game face on and get things done despite feeling a bit under the weather. Onward and upward! 

I hope that in the midst of the hectic that this time of year can bring, you are stopping to thank our Lord for coming as a baby to save us so many years ago. Take some time to just savor the moments around you.