Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tis the Season

I don't know about you, but it's a tad warm here today. Summer is upon us, it seems. Thank God for sandals and a cool-ish breeze. =]

In looking over my friend's blogs and facebook pages, I'm reminded of the reality that it seems to be the season for babies. Baby bellies, babies being born, baby pictures, baby showers. Even our church right now feels like a scene straight out of Bambi, or National Geographic, depending upon how I'm feeling on any given Sunday. Just kidding....sort of.

Here are some excellent tutorials I've found lately for homemade baby gifts. They're adorable, they're personal, and they're incredibly useful. You can walk proudly into the next baby shower you're invited to bearing your homemade homage to baby. =]

From Jessica at How About Orange here are some brilliant Pacifier Clips made from ribbons:

Photo from Jessica at How About Orange
These are adorable and inexpensive to make!

From Emily at Jones Design Company here are a few tutorials:
Custom burp clothes:
Photo from Emily at Jones Design Company
I absolutely love these and have heard that a new mom can never have enough burp clothes.
Hair clips for that fine baby girl hair:
Photo from Emily at Jones Design Company

And a sweet flower mobile/wreath for your little lady's crib:
Photo from Emily at Jones Design Company

Not to mention that Emily has a ton of great flower tutorials at her site, as well, so be sure to check it out.

And there are tutorials that you can download for a small fee for little dolls, or bunnies from our very own Martha Stewart. Emily at Jones Design also has her own versions of these two which I like better. =]

And Mr. N.'s talented cousin, Kristin's site has lots of sweet quilts and other fun things like this baby wipe holding pocket to try on your own.
Photo from Kristen at Simply Classic

In any case, you now have a little more of an arsenal for the baby season. Enjoy!


  1. We definitely all have our days when things just seem to be more than we want to handle. I'm sure you have been an encouragement to others going through the same, or similar situations. Take heart. Be faithful. God is listening. His timing is perfect and He loves you!!! = )

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I've edited my post a bit minus the poo-head portions, so it should be a bit more uplifting. Thank you for your very kind words, though. =]