Saturday, October 1, 2011


Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Happy October!!! Well, not only is this the beginning of glorious October, but it's also the beginning of the 31 Days challenge. My goal is to post 31 ways to improve, both in your household and personally. I'm finding that I'm learning a lot in my own life lately about ways to frugally decorate, new recipes, and not to mention lots about who God is as He unfolds His own story in my life, so hope to share some of these with you.  

I'm still learning how to make all the fancy buttons and such, so there may not be too much technical savy over here, but perhaps that can be one of my posts later in the month, "How to make fancy blog buttons". =] You just never know.

Be sure to check out the blogs to the right and see what they've got going on for the next 31 days, as well as this link to a whole lot of other talented people out there. Enjoy!

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